The good side of having been narcissistically abused is I really don’t give a 💩 any more. Almost everyone let me I no longer feel I owe anybody anything.

If I were in a position to, I would have an enquiry conducted into my friend’s medical treatment. I mean she was treated for fibromyalgia for years. Yet she had always had faith in her doctor..

My daughter is now also totally understandably Paranoid about her health. She also saw what happened to me and her brother.


I have had a few terrific doctors but there were five or six doctors who have failed to recognise whooping cough and it was a similar situation with my kidney condition.

Most attributed my drastically swollen legs to varicose veins, failing to do even a five minute urine check. My legs were actually making a splashing sound before we encountered a doctor with a bit of common sense.

One early XRay might have saved my friend’s life.

Both gynaecologists who treated me were wonderful. They saved me from having to go through what my mother experienced ( She wound up needing blood transfusions)

National Health Practitioner’s Ombudsman

We also need to remember to appreciate the good doctors. I particularly respect my son’s paediatrician who had even apologised for giving him a lumbar puncture. Well three actually. When it comes to things like meningitis doctors cannot afford to muck about. They have to make tough decisions.

Nurses have been more consistent generally although I had one recently who needs to be struck off.

There is no intention to give medical or legal advice here. I am merely relaying my personal experiences. Always seek professional medical advice!

A little non – medical intervention below.

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