I have decided that I need to expose more secrets being as my blog is still being interfered with,

1. My ex father-in-law used to leave his daughter downstairs whilst he went to have sex with the publican lady according to his daughter.

2. My ex sister-in-law nearly went right jail for fraud.

3,We all believe a certain turncoat Republican is concealing his homosexuality.

4. My neice is married to a man who has tried to control her right from the start. I believe he is heavily involved in brainwashing my son.

5.Most of the woman who have visited me in my last home have complained about being pushed or hit at some point, Except my dear friend. Nor one of my Britishb f riends ever complained of abuse,

6.The people who have written inaccuracies about the Mueller report and never corrected them have undermined democracy.

A copy is available Here. Read it for yourself.

7.Our leaders are stripping away out democratic right to protest. South Australia is the latest.

8. I am completely fed up with hearing how perfect the Princess of Wales is and how awful Meghan and Harry are supposed to be,

9. My ex’s family are brainwashing my son.

10. My ex had felt he was owed stuff by the company he used to work for. It was a full-time job keeping him on the straight and narrow.

That is one point for every time my blog has been interfered with to date.

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My Life

Fortunately you don’t survive the brother I had without a sense of humour.

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