Here George Orwell talks about his book 1984 and the world’s possible future. This may one day prove to be my most important post. Looking directly at the camera, his final words in the interview are:

“Don’t let it happen. It depends on you “

A Final Warning From George Orwell

End of The World- Skeeter Davis

I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me Rockwell

WATCH THE MOVIE 1984. I note that one of the stars is David Kossof, father of the lead singer of the band Free.

Watch “Watch China use ‘talking drones’ to warn citizens” on YouTube

You would have to be a bit of a Pervert to want to spy on people I reckon,, Can you ever imagine wanting the vote or opinion of people like that! I took it for granted that I felt safe around my UK guy friends. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!I love and appreciate you all!

Thank you to all the good men out there helping to keep us safe, Love the way Tom Hanks protects his wife.

We need more brave men like this

We all need to look out for each other, My son was feeling harassed by women on a Zoom call so he chose to go for a walk. Many males are a lot more sensitive than we give them credit for.




Source:AW Resistance

Gifs from Giphy and/or TENOR,

Read the book of Revellations.

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