Today it occurred to me that volunteering in the school where I did, I would have worked with hundreds of children. I taught them the Btitish translation of some of the American words. I wrote to them for a while. I have their names in the school year book,

From memory there was a flag in the corner and everybody pledged allegiance to the flag every day,

Watch “Pledge Allegiance- Mrs. Cozzolino’s class” on YouTube

Watch “It’s our flag. Tell Us What the Flag Means to YOU at 💻 #TakeBackTheFlag” on YouTube

I was always under the supervision of fully qualified and wonderful teachers as I hadn’t even started my training at the time!

I know the son of my dear American friend had a son who attended Virginia Tech at the time of the shootings there but fortunately he was not attending at the time, Have any of the teachers or students I worked with been caught in or God forbid killed in school shootings?

Watch “RAW VIDEO: Interview with Virginia Tech shooting survivor” on YouTube




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