I think INFJs are the people God originally created to populate Planet Earth and everybody else are Golgafrinchams and Vogons. So ladies and gentlemen it is time for you to leave before the planet gets eaten by a space goat. We’re not the aliens, You are!

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Watch “Cavemen playing Scrabble – BBC Hitchhikers Guide” on YouTube


Only joking guys. I love you especially since meeting some real cavemen!

The pattern of my life has frequently been that people think I will put up with their 💩 forever but then when I have finally finished making excuses for people and start to head off into the sunset, they decide to be nice to me by which time too much damage has already been done, i am learning as an INFJ I should speak up sooner. I do try but people don’t listen. Unfortunately by the time I am done with somebody that is pretty much it!

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