My daughter ❤.She has inherited my dogged determination!Absolutely everybody has seemed to love my daughter right from the start. Like me, she hides. I blame myself but I really didn’t realise I did it, till too late, She quietly fumes at times. I get angry for her too. Most people miss the fire in her eyes. When we have a fight it is mainly about my frustration for her, not with her. People have tended to treat her like some cute little doll. They think they are saving her, Drives her crazy. It was actually a male teacher who brought her out of her shell the most. He had her yelling and selling cupcakes.She is more than capable of holding her own, if she needs to. I didn’t realise she had really let her brother know when he and pushed her too far till I saw it on video. She gets upset about her size at times but I tried to teach her (again from my poetry book),”Good things come in small packages.”She actually has a higher ninjitsu belt than her brother.She sang this with her favourite (and one of mine.) teacher, she had done really well that yearI thought it was quite a good message at the time. The thing I used to tell my classes “In here you are safe.” I mean if they can’t even be safe at school, what hope do they have?Bad Day –Daniel PowterIt’s OK to Feel Sad Sometimeself-Defence Moves Every Woman Should KnowSource: Janice Hung Up and Dance With Me (NinjaMusic Video)

We went to see the movie Ladybird together. I was on the daughter’s side.

Matthew 7:1


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