My information has been relayed as gossip etc for decades. I have been listening  to Camilla Tominey today who is always respectful. However I believe this is another case of trying to shut somebody down.

Having experienced mass pile-ons al few times myself. my response would be,

“What was he supposed to do?”

His mother was KILLED by media attention. He sees his wife being subjected to the same behaviour and he acts to protect  her.

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This is a husband’s god-given role.

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The problem is with those who had not insisted the media back off. You especially do not attack a pregnant woman. The stress could have been dangerous for both her and the child.

I mean, criticising her for holding her pregnant belly for goodness sake!

Maybe Prince  Harry’s book is not a literary masterpiece but it is his story and should be respected as such.

If there is one thing I understand it is finding yourself rapidly pregnant a long way from home. among people totally obsessed with your husband. In my case add misogyny to the mix!! FYI Y’all nearly killed me and my daughter. All the people who were suddenly so protective of her at school made me sick. You weren’t interested in protecting her in a life or death situation! You came within a hair’s breadth of killing us both!

Sarcasm Ahead!

Where was the united front when Harry and Meghan needed it? I hope I haven’t taken that remark out of context! He did what he swore in front of the whole world to do. HE PROTECTED HIS WIFE!

Remember This!

People have the memories of Dory from Finding Nemo as far as I’m concerned. To refresh a few memories please visit my page on Princess Diana.

Whilst I am making myself unpopular you may as well know I believe Harry was right to get his wife away from a totally toxic situation!


Charm in a person is not a good sign as I have learned to my cost.

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