Ramblings on The End of The World

Apparently we are on the brink of nuclear war. Purely selfishly, I have just about completed my bucket list, although being taken out by a nuclear bomb was not, I confess on it.

What do I think?

I think there are psychopaths on both sides of the Ukraine conflict. As usual ordinary people are the meat in the sandwich.

I think we are in the end times and that we are well and truly screwed. My first instinct is to throw an” End of the World Party.” My second is to sell everything and go on a wild bender.

However I know my best friend God has been warning me, he would not be attending. Instead apparently I am supposed to get into my Bible and get right with him. That might take a while. I am reliably informed that the actual war to end all wars, will start in the Middle East, not the Ukraine btw.

Let’s face it guys, much of the book of Revelation is already in place-the mark in the hand for example. I actually watched somebody, online the other day, getting microchipped.

Hotel California

We are all just prisoners here of our own devices.

Perhaps we should start boycotting companies like ANZ, which appear to be advocating microchipping people.

We have already had one of the plagues. It would be relatively easy in this age of the internet for us all to witness the return of Jesus. Do I have to parade up and down, with my,”The End is Nigh” sandwich board perhaps?Watch “The Golgafrinchams – The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – BBC” on YouTube

Rich Please. How The Hyper Wealthy Are Prepping For The End Times – Stephen Colbert

Armageddon It- Def Leppard

Watch “INFJ in the APOCALYPSE (+ENFP) | MBTI memes” on YouTube

Kyrie Eleison

Revellations: 16:16


Hysteria(Full Album-Def Leppard

Source:MisterMisterOfficialh ttps://youtube.com/user/MrMisterOfficial

All Mixed:https://youtube.com/channel/UC57y2gcbDlkknECIu694jOw

Souce:Def Leppard

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