Psychopaths seem able to smell vulnerability like a shark smells blood in the water.

There was a terrifying scene in Medium where a killer is driving along a lonely road  to the tune of  Crazy and picks up a vibe as he passes somewhere which makes him decide to visit a place!

Occasionally however empaths go fishing too and may be familiar with the concept of throwing chum in the water to see what they attract.

How Chum is Made and Used for Shrks

I will make you fishers of men!

This would be considered a Sting operation.

Watch “The Sting Official Trailer #1 – Paul Newman, Robert Redford Movie (1973) HD” on YouTube

The narcissistic  abuse community is sometimes the chum and we have to be aware when when we enter its domain. Unless we wish to end up shark bait.I can throw chum in the water too INFJs make great fishermen too!

Matthew 4:19

I will make you fishers of men

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