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We have visited Snowy River country at least once we stayed in/visited Cooma!!

Snowy River Highway

The man I know who lived in Cooma was the man who had stood alone with a hose as our neighbour’s house burned down.


Watch “Peyton Place opening theme and credits from 3rd season” on YouTubeWatch “Peyton Place opening theme and credits from 3rd season” on YouTube

I never thought about it before but it is rather strange that in a street of homes where people regularly used hosepipes to water their gardens, in a country that prides itself on mateship that he was the only person directly fighting the fire!

“Birds of a feather, Flock together, ^

His wife was a friend of my ex from way back. He had told me they had once been on a date and had referred to her as “plain”!

They both loved committees,


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Her brother was Mr Concrete!

( “You can choose your friends but you can’t choose your family”!

All it takes is one toxic person in any family to do a great deal of damage.

My Favourite

I always really liked the youngest daughter.

She had really made us welcome at her 21st birthday when I had been new to the neighbourhood. She also always made the effort to speak to me.

The father had died from emphysema I believe when she and her brother had still been quite young.

Sneaking A Quick Cigarette

It had used to worry my friend that her husband still smoked, even following a very serious health scare,


He was sneaking around and smoking in the shed. I could smell it anyway in the garden! She had let it go because it was a battle she had known she couldn’t win.


We had once visited a family friend of my ex who had needed to use an oxygen tank, I believe she had emphysema!

I could get used to this spilling the tea thing…



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