Caution:I use some profanity in this post.

Which search term did we first enter, to suddenly find ourselves part of the community of narcissistic abuse survivors.

In my case it was the abbreviation N.P.D.

One sentence from a family member introduced me to the term N.P.D. which in turn had led me to the community of narcissistic abuse survivors. It was a real thing, What I had been experiencing for twenty years, (actually to a lesser extent my whole life) had a name. It was also considered a particularly vicious form of abuse. I bored anybody who would listen. I remember describing it to neighbourhood friends, only later realising that some of them were likely narcissistic abusers too.

Awareness did seem to be growing at one stage but now, as that early intrepid band of You Tubers and bloggers has healed, things seem to have stalled. I have found myself unfollowing  several You Tubers because their message has become too smug and comfortable.


It needs to be remembered that people are dying and suffering unthinkable harm at the hands of narcissistic abusers, every day.

Perhaps we have let the message get a little off track.

Every day is a fight when a narc does not get their own way!

I have forgotten what it was like to be around men who could stand alone!

That is what I want from a man, Somebody who can move to the beat of his own drum!

Standing alone is tough but kohn McCain was not afraid to do it,

Isn’t that at the heart of things the ability to stand alone and make the tough calls. John Howard did it,

Jesus did it! He stood alone against the devil.

King David did it when he had his showdown with Goliath.

I do not always agree with these individuals but that is the point. They have the courage of their convictions,

My Dad was able to swim against the tide too, Mum had told me once how much she admired and respected that, He didn’t feel compelled to go down b the pub and drink with the other guys, Mum used to really encourage him to go but he just said he preferred to be with his family.

Churchill was also able to hold his own. I do not recall any of these men needing to assemble a rabble!

These men earned respect without demanding it, I do not necessarily agree with everything they do but they have their values and they were prepared to stand by them,

Toxic men want all the trappings of manhood without being prepared to stand alone if necessary,!

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