My relationship with my own mother’s had a few, “Hold on let me get your mothers head out the ceiling.” moments. Direct quote from my father. The whole mother-daughter thing can be complicated. The trailer for Tiny, beautiful things is really touching,

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Postcards From The Edge is based on the real-life mother-daughter relationship between Debbie Reynolds and her daughter Carrie Fisher,

They were extremely close in the latter part of their lives!

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Bright Lights Trailer

Watch “1080p HD “Good Morning” – Singin’ in the Rain (1952)” on YouTube

Watch “Carrie Fisher singing to her mother, Debbie Reynolds” on YouTube

Mothers are all a pain in the neck but that’s our job!

My crowning moment as a mother was depicted in the Disney Film Red.

Yes I really did show up at my daughter’s classroom window carrying sanitary towels! In my defence they were bagged!

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Talking of embarrassing – Did I tell you the one where my daughter got a bead stuck up her nose?

Then there is the time she got stuck in the rabbit cage,


This is why we feel OK with embarrassing our children.

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So if you are complaining about your mother just be glad she isn’t like me!

The good thing is if I ever get too big for my boots all she will have to do is read over my blog to put me in my place!

Exodus 20:12 Some of us make this commandment really hard!

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