For me the essence of manhood is the ability to stand alone if necessary, the ability to make rhe tough decisions without needing to assemble a rabble,

Jesus did it when he stood against the devil,

David stood alone against Goliath,

John Howard stood alone against the gun lobby,

John McCain stood alone against the Reoublican party for his final vote.

Adam Kinzinger has also made a very lonely stand.

I do not have to agree with somebody to admire and respect their principles.

I would rather have one good man beside me than a man who needs a rabble behind him.

It is called having a backbone!

My mum told me she admired my father for his principles. She had used to encourage him to drink with his workmates but he had said he preferred to spend the time with his family rather than (Sorry but this is a direct quote)

“Piss his money up against the wall,”

Watch “Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams [Official Music Video]” on YouTube

This is what can happen when people blindly follow every stupid, little thing they hear!

Watch “The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Wormhole (engl.)” on YouTube

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