This is why I hate my ex. Time and time again, my daughter and I had to put my son back together because of his fathers hot and cold behaviour!

Deliberately moving right on Father’s Day was the last metaphorical straw!

He loved to ruin special days. My daughter’s birthday was the most horrendous example. His family enabled his behaviour! I would have thought one of them might have encouraged some empathy and discouraged his moving away on Father’s Day and he has the gall to behave like a wronged father!

Once I did my research that they only enjoy special days if they can somehow still make themselves the centre of attention!

Even separated he would use the children (mainly my son) to try to ruin my special days in particular.

I have been watching my brother with interest and had recognised he was terrified of my returning to the UK and no longer being being the centre of attention with all his dramas! He has always been the same.

He had to out Mum out of my reach somehow but I think he has underestimated her!

He undermined my sister-in-law all the time. She stacked on weight while she , was with him too. I tried to warn her what he was like! He became much more covert about his toxic behaviour while he was with her. He has threatened me a few times!

I do think as parents we can underestimate how hooked on attention chronically sick children can become.

To be honest when I headed off to Australia I thought ir probably wouldn’t be noticed amidst all my brothers drama!


She’s Leaving Home – Beatles

It becomes all “He said. She said”now so I will leave it at that.

I am really conscious of my daughter being made to feel that way, I told them both that causing drama (like continually banging your head on a desk ) would not get my attention and it still won’t, There were another thirty odd children in the class all trying to do the right thing! If he had wanted to learn to headbang properly, I would have taught him.


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