Watch “Chronic Fatigue And Narcissistic Abuse #narcissist” on YouTube

This reminds me of the lovely male nurse when I was seriously ill in hospital following the birth of my daughter who had told me,

“Give yourself permission not to cope for a day,^

I had found “not coping” in my relationship was actually dangerous! My ex had not accepted that he would need to cancel our overseas trip even though I was literally dying at the time!

It is like standing in front of a tank and trying to stop it or perhaps lying down Arthur Dent Style in front of a bulldozer!

Arthur Dent & The Bulldozer Sadly that little scene had ended with the Earth being blown up by the Vogons!


Watch “hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy destruction of earth” on YouTube

Kim Eng has also suggested giving ourselves permission to collapse. I was pretty angry because the minute I did that, everything fell apart! However I have yet to see the long term effects of allowing myself to fall in a heap! I am scared I may find myself unable to pick myself back up again. Mum had sent me a beautiful card calling me a survivor. I am not so sure I am any more…

Within weeks of meeting my ex I had contracted glandular fever, It had taken me years to recover, I now suspect that all the stress to which I have been subjected has reactivated everything!


Watch “Chronic Fatigue And Narcissistic Abuse #narcissist” on YouTube

Long covid sounds similar.

Watch “Long COVID symptoms: What a new study revealed” on YouTube

Much of the workforce currently may be suffering the effects of long covid.

Everybody needs a soft place to fall.

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