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Engineers are my normal! and accountants. Having a best friend who is an accountant has meant I have met rather a lot of accountants too over the years.

I could not believe that it was just accepted here that everyone  had to have an anglicised name,

One of the fun things about being a relief teacher us trying to pronounce people’s names correctly, I usually try to ask my youngster’s friends what their real names are and at least make an attempt to say it. I get two of my youngsters Asian friends confused and I get told off for it.

My son in his efforts to become a  good old 1950s man, has adopted some good “ole 1950s attitudes. I hope it is a phase, We have been through quite a few, He hasn’t attempted a Guiness World Record in a while!

I am pleased he feels free to develop his own views, just a little disappointed he has currently decided caveman is appropriate! Still he should fit right in!


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I look back at the phases I have been through in my life and wonder if my parents had been tempted to pretend not to know me, Dad did say my parents were going to move and not give us the address several times. Now I know why but I prefer a more fun approach more in keeping with my personality!

If he appears with a woman x number of steps behind hom I may consider driving him away with loud and continuous heavy metal!

Hey I know a drummer I could invite too!


Of course I will definitely need a Corey Worthington style moving party first!


I figure everybody is fine with loud noise seeing as they can use stage whispers to make personal and offensive comments!

Watch “🔵 A Stage Whisper Meaning – Stage Whisper Defined – Stage Whisper Examples – Idioms – Stage Whisper” on YouTube

Here let me practice!

Loud enough for everyone to hear yet you can feign ignorance,


Sorry if I have been getting it all wrong!I only have my


My cultural training to join in and behave like the rest of you  is not yet complete,

Still Practice makes perfect! Sorry but it is completely new to me.I am usually more direct!


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