Watch “What Curry! Full guide to curry strength and ingredients.” on YouTube

Watch “How To Make Britain’s All Time Favourite Chicken Tikka Masala | Madhur Jaffrey’s Curry Nation” on YouTube

Watch “Madhur Jaffrey Curry Nation – Pakistani cuisine” on YouTube

Watch “Authentic Indian Chicken Curry – Madhur Jaffrey’s Flavours of India – BBC Food” on YouTube

Watch “Madhur Jaffrey Teaches Indian Cooking | Official Trailer | MasterClass” on YouTube

My first proper curry was Chicken Tikka (apart from the vindaloo I had been tricked into eating. I was introduced to it by one of my London flatmates.

Watch “David Mitchell sings Vindaloo (England World Cup song 2018)” on YouTube

A good Indian curry was one of the first things I missed when I first moved to Australia, Lonely Planet had described the UK as having the best curry outside India when I was backpacking in the nineties!

Watch “No one beats my LONELY PLANET collection” on YouTube

The other popular travel guides I relied on were “Let’s Go,”

“Variety is the spice of life.”

Indian Takeaway solved more race relations issues than anything else!

Watch “Meghan Markle praises women at Grenfell cookbook launch – BBC News” on YouTube

I thought this was the best royal activity ever!

Watch “The Duchess of Sussex prepares and serves food at the Hubb Community Kitchen” on YouTube

Watch “Meghan Markle backs Grenfell community cookbook | 5 News” on YouTube

Meghan Markle’s favourite recipes from cookbook – Together: Our Community Cookbook | HELLO!

Watch “Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life (Spice World)” on YouTube

For me Meghan’s work with the community kitchen was the embodiment of female empowerment.

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