Many women here are vile, two-faced bullies. My friend once told me of being me of being abandoned to give a talk down at the local kindergarten, while she was still recovering from quite severe depression. She told me that she had felt totally humiliated.

I hadn’t really understood the level of bitchiness here at the time and had struggled to get my head round it.

I understand much better now unfortunately!!

My friend had few friends when she had told me this story. She had seemed to forgive them eventually. I wouldn’t have!

Women choose to accept all sorts of 💩 here that the women I know back in the UK wouldn’t, rather than have to be alone. Every time I saw them I remembered that they were mostly untrustworthy, despite their apparent cosiness with my friend.

I have never experienced quite this level of female cattiness before!

I find the price for female “friendship’ is way too high. You have to turn a blind eye to too much! I had one good friend on a consistent basis, She was all I needed!

It is about as far from the female solidarity depicted in

How To Sew An American Quilt,

as you can get!

Watch “How to Make an American Quilt Opening Scenes – Winona Ryder” on YouTube

Watch “Finishing the quilt – How to Make an American Quilt” on YouTube

I had tried to make a safe space for women at my kitchen table!

Singing along to Neil Diamond in the car as seems to be a bit of an American thing!

Watch “Amy and Howard sing Neil Diamond – The Big Bang Theory” on YouTube

Watch “How to make an American quilt.” on YouTube

Watch “Book of Ruth Summary: A Complete Animated Overview” on YouTube

The Book of Ruth

Watch “Making quilts in Amish Country, Lancaster County, PA.” on YouTube

Watch “How To Make An American Quilt Trailer 1995” on YouTube


Watch “Thomas Newman -How to Make An American Quilt Suite” on YouTube

My primary loyalty is to my children. Come What May!

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