Why are ww treating perpetrators of wife beating like victims. His counselling Waa organised and cheap. I had needed to sort everything out for myself!

I am shocked how readily people come to their defence. I was looking for.material to go with this post and it all came flooding back to me. Me against the world syndrome! I remembered why I am so angry! Abusers stick together!

In fact I would say the more supporters somebody has The more likely it is that they are the abuser!

If I start to agree with the majority of people I recognise I am off track.

Matthew 7 13-14

I recently noticed in a community vote that one person had stood against the majority. I had immediately suspected they were probably right.


This person was clearly standing on a principle rather than merely following the crowd.


Hold on let me grab my pitchfork so I can fit in.


When I think of principles lately I think of Liz Cheney!

Watch “Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Official Video)

Matthew 24

Standing by my principles is just something that I have almost always done since the first time I stuck up for the poor guy accused of dropping his chewing gum in the flour bin.

He had thanked .me but had told me I should not have done it.

I hope Mum has saved the bookshelf he helped me make.

That bookshelf had pride of place in my parent’s conservatory. I hope the bookshelf my daughter made with her father is still stored safely. I meticulously wrapped things in bubble wrap. Still I always rank people(,including myself) above material things.

As my parents taught me,

‘,You can’t take it with you.”

Still there are some people whom I would choose my dress over!

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