Going through my old school reports made me realise how much my daughter was like The younger me in many ways or

The apple has not fallen far from the tree.”


The apple of my eye.


Watch “Adam and Eve’s Role in Creation | The Story of God” on YouTube

The Creation – The Beginner’s Bible


Let us not forget that other famous apple:

Watch “Best Idea Ever!” on YouTube

Sir Isaac Newton introduced us all to the concept of gravity Without gravity I really would be able to dance on the ceiling!

Watch “Hurricane Highway // Dancing on the Ceiling ( Official Music Video )” on YouTube

My daughter has already experienced zero gravity with her friends!! Apparently she experienced zero gravity while doing indoor skydiving.

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My experiences of gravitational pull mainly relate to Action Man Fortunately! I can reassure you that the only way I will ever fall of the window, assume I have met with foul play, much like if I am ever found on a jogging track. 😂


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