We are used to being harassed!

I had our answering machine answer all my calls. I told all the people I cared about that they would have to leave a message and I would get back to them.

Nobody who cares calls me without identifying themselves and /,or leaving a message!


A woman I had started talking to in my old home also from memory dealing with domestic violence used to screen her calls so I know it is not just me who is careful about answering the phone. Sometimes one phone call is all it takes to zombify somebody or as in the case of one American politician. One game of golf.


I am beginning to see why some places don’t have baths. Dolores O’riordan drowned in the bath as did Whitney Huston and the young girl who had been abused.

When we had a spate of women drowning in the bath in the UK there was found to be a serial killer at work.

http://Watch “George Joseph Smith, The Brides in the Bath Murders, English SERIAL KILLER” on YouTube

Recently I have become slightly concerned about a woman who has mysteriously fallen down the stairs and died.

Sometimes monsters can look as innocent a8s the9 girl or guy next door”


I have seen God deal ferociously with those who have mistreated me and the children. I can’t imagine thefate which awaits serial killers. As my friend used to say

“God will get them.:”

He who lives by the sword. dies by the sword.”

It is interesting that several women who have won epic legal battles have died m.ysteriously

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