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My ex was continually trying to get me to move again. I had no intention of ever moving again with him. I would not visit any of the wilder spots in Australia with him. I had suspected he night feed me to the crocodiles if we had gone up north together!

I had become so worked up about going to Italy with him, it had reactivated my kidney condition! My legs were like tree trunks but as usual he had no intention of being there for me and the children

My youngsters and as usual managed on our own. I went through a lot of toilet paper because of the diuretics I was on. My next door neighbour brought some round. My ex did also pop some round. My son had refused point blank to collect toilet paper from next door. I now suspect he was being controlled by his father.

He had always been generous and kind-hearted if somewhat attention -seeking before then. I believe sometimes sickly children get hooked on the attention! Once I wasn’t terrified he might die, he had not really been able to allow my daughter to hold the floor even when she had been devastated by a Breakup. My brother was a sickly child and he was exactly the same. I was determined she would not be made to feel like a second-class citizen. She did not always appear to understand why I was so adamant that she always got her fair share of attention! She actively worked against ne at times.

Found on Pinterest. “I can ignore you so hard you will start to doubt your own existence if you mistreat or abuse me.

If you want my attention you behave respectfully.

I bought her really nice bubble bath and had started to fuss over her as much as possible when he would start his nonsense. I try to ignore people who behave badly in general. Perhaps some of the women killed in the bath were simply trying to ignore a narcissistic partner.

Protect Yourself!

Enjoy a lovely bath with a lock on the door!

This may actually be a good idea if you are going through or have been through a high conflict divorce!

Maybe bathe with a Lifeguard instead of with a friend!

Watch “Jacuzzi Lifeguard – SNL” on YouTube

Jett Travolta also died in the bathroom.

Watch “Odd Details in Death of Jett Travolta – What really happened? (CNN)” on YouTube

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