Narcissists conduct a wat of attrition. It is a form of battle with which I am now well acquainted!

Their great weakness is their inflexibility. They are like robots, which is probably why they are seeking ro turn everybody else into one!

Watch “The Beginning of Guerrilla Warfare” on YouTube

Laurence conducted his campaign in The Sinai an area with which I am acquainted,


Watch “Who Was Lawrence of Arabia? #shorts #history #ww1” on YouTube

Watch “Lawrence Of Arabia – Simple Funeral  (1935)” on YouTube

I suspect I have countered this with guerilla tactics but unlike narcissists I can vary my approach. Passive resistance is painful but there is not much they can do about it. I stand on one principle I will only co-operate when I am treated with respect, I have done my stint rock-breaking at the quarry.

Watch “The Flintstones-Get Back To Work!” on YouTube


Wilma Flintstone’s Finest Hour

I guess this was my reaction at the end of our relationship. I gave so nuch stuff back he had ended up refusing to take stuff! Anything I kept was mainly for my youngsters!

The Wii belongs to me and my youngsters. I had come close to being beaten up over it when I bought it. I had sat on the doorstep where I was publicly visible although he had still managed to trap me in a corner of our bedroom at one point!

Watch “Why the Nintendo Wii is STILL Relevant in 2023” on YouTube

Watch “The Flintstones Game Evolution 1986  2021” on YouTube

My ex still has his Wii Mii on the machine as does my dead friend, She always won everything!!


Anabeth Chase – I Always Win

My friend was a great teacher!


Just Dance – Lady Gaga

My daughter has always been a huge Lady Gaga fan.

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