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Killer Queen

Transvestites and gay people understandably have a MUCH bigger chip on their shoulders than they do in the UK

Paul Denyer was dressing as a woman in gaol. The death of Natalie Russell was particularly devastating I would pass her school almost daily on the bus. GCN – 27th Anniversary Natalie Russell (Nat’s Track)

Paul Denyer is pretty much universally hated in Frankston. He lay in wait for Naralie behind a fence which he had cut through.

A woman disappeared from Kananook Station who has never been found.

Watch “Fight to stop Frankston serial killer Paul Denyer from being granted parole | 7NEWS” on YouTube He was not granted bail in the end!

I hate Kansnook. It is creepy. I suspect the area has a dark indigenous past. My daughter once saw a “ghost: of a black man in her room. My son saw “snakes”as a toddler in our house. I had needed to pray by the swings because she had come running in terrified she had seen a snake. I suspect Frankston and surrounds have a particularly dark indigenous past.

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Watch “Frankie Goes to Hollywood – The Power Of Love” on

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