I had first encountered it in a shared house. I bought myself a few mugs but somehow my ex had eventually made it all about him!

We had eventually grown to having a complete set. I had grown to hate it because of the way it had appeared to make him behave!

It was the first thing I had packed up and given him. It had become a symbol of my oppression! I knew it was bringing out the worst in me!

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The Potter & His Clay

I had used to watch TD Jakes from The Potter’s House church sometimes.

Watch “American Bishop T. D. Jakes’s final moments in the hospital, he died in the arms of his loved ones.” on YouTube

Watch “T.D. Jakes Reveals Mind-Blowing Message: Don’t Miss

Jesus is the Potter and we are his clay. Right now I feel like he has moulded me like this:

but perhaps given time he intends to fill the cracks with gold!

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