How this faith-based town is helping end homelessness

This is a dream come true!

I also love God but am not keen on religion,

I was told by the wife of a cousin who was a Reverend that towards the end of his life, he had just sat there listening to his radio, stroking his cat and praying. She had stated that countless miracles had occurred rhat way.

Best sermon I ever heard was about a lifeboat station, which became a club,

I remember the preacher breaking down as he had told the end of this story, In the end  the lifeboat station had decided it was too messy and inconvenient to go out rescuing people,

I have always tried to support The Salvation Army,

Watch “Salvation Army survey reveals harsh realities of the cost-of-living crisis  | 7NEWS” on YouTube

This and the YMCA was one of the few groups my father had time for, He could not speak highly enough of the YMCA, Growing up in a deeply religious family, he had no time for religion especially as they had not helped as his mother lay dying. This is where we lose people, by not being there in their hour of need.

When I Needed a Neighbour

My favourite place when we had visited the Vatican City had been the showers (apparently they also had a barbers) for the homeless.

Homeless woman gave me money. – 🥺😥 #shorts #shortvideo

As I remember it London has the worst homeless problem I have seen anywhere.

Matthew 17:20

Watch “Al Jolson – Brother can you spare a Dime” on YouTube

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