Watch “The Battle Of Budapest: Hungarian Revolution (1956) | British Pathé” on YouTube

I have interacted with a blogger of Hungarian descent, She spoke to me of fleeing Hungary as a child, over the mountains, The family were freezing cold, She has told me that she had needed to remain totally silent even when she was hurt

Watch “Denver grandmother describes fleeing Hungary during the 1956 revolution” on YouTube

She has also spoken to me of having been taunted mercilessly here due to her slightly Asian appearance! She spoke of being encircled by girls(I see to recall it was girls , calling her “Chink!”

I witnessed a Chinese girl who had been referred to as ” Saigon Girl” at school. Her parents had needed to move her too! It seems to me that far too often immigrants feel forced to apologise for where they are from and adopt the mantra that everything is perfect here. I witnessed an Egyptian girl who had felt the need to defend herself and state she was not a terrorist simply because her family came from Egypt. Most of my youngsters most loyal friends are from immigrant backgrounds.

Watch “Hungarian Tragedy (1956)” on YouTube


Watch “The 1956 Hungarian Revolution by the BBC” on YouTube

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