I see weeds a bit differently. In permaculture weeds keep predators snacking on them instead of the precious crop. That would make all we victims of narrcisstic abuse weeds.

A bit like “While they are feasting on me.they’re leaving somebody else alone.”

Perhaps they are about to turn and feast off each other. I hated to thin out my crops because one person’s struggling weed is another person’s beautiful flower.

Dandelions make great wine for example.

Narcissists are the predators in God,’s garden and they are in need of going where they belong ,where they won’t harm others.

Some of the best counselling on You Tube comes courtesy of narcissists.

“Music tames the Savage beast.”

Watch “Herding Behavior: How following the crowd leads us astray” on YouTube

Or put more simply.

“,One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel”

A much better use for apples to stop them going rotten.

Watch “making apple hard cider at home” on YouTube

I spend my time trying to find the people who quietly manipulate behind the scenes.


“You shall know them by their fruit.”

Everywhere my ex went.trouble followed.

I see him as showing me where the weeds are in my life. The things or people I cannot trust.

I don’t know who is at the bottom of this but I do know the atmosphere was better when one person in particular was away. I also know he can turn on the tears.

The fact remains that myself and many others are left to deal with toxic people alone. I also know that the previous owner made my purchase relatively cheap.

TBAA Satan

Watch “John Cleese is the devil – An

appeal for hell!” on YouTube

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