Any of the guys could have written to me when I was travelling. I drove my friend crazy I am sure, waiting to hear from  Mr The Whole Of The Moon.

He was the guy who even my ex had recognised I loved but I recognise now, it is a platonic, protective kind of love. Very deep down my heart had always belonged to Mr Annoying. I pretty much didn’t date guy friends.

I had inadvertently served to kick their butts into gear. I never even remotely chased any of them except Mr The Whole Of The Moon whom I had liked immediately I had first seen him

Social Club Activities

This was the sort of thing I used to get up to witness the guys!

Watch “Jason Derulo – Talk Dirty Parody (Talk Nerdy)” on YouTube

Watch “The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Dies as a Hero on Paintball xD” on YouTube

Watch “TBBT – The “BigBang” Paintball – Final Part – Sheldon`s, Penny`s and Leo`s revenge!!!” on YouTube

Mr Whole Of The Moon is really special and I wish I could have been the right girl for him. When I sensed he was unhappy I had wanted to be there for him.

The bright red personal alarm which he bought me was a treasured possession, which I had only needed to touch to feel safe.

We have the same sarcastic sense of humour,

He gave me permission as a devout Christian to laugh at:

“Eric Idle – “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”


I am a proud honorary nerd!

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