Jesus is the perfect example of how a man is expected to treat a woman. The only examples I can think of where he tells a woman what to do, are where the women come to him seeking help and he gives it to them,

Jesus Changes Water Into Wine

Jesus Talks With The Woman at The Well

Yet Jesus has Martha and Mary fighting to serve him,

Somewhere in the messages I had tried to teach my son, he took on board if I am nice to a woman, she will have to do as I say, Jesus does not demand obedience. The women serve him because they love him and understand he is trying to help them!

He has women serving him faithfully to death and beyond. He is the perfect example for any husband, There appears to be no expectation of obedience on his part.

John 19

Jesus washes people’s feet. One of our most impactful bible studies had involved washing each other’s feet, It was a very humbling experience.

Watch “Scene from Touched by an Angel, season 1 episode 10, There But For The Grace Of God” on YouTube

I know when I washed and massaged my son’s feet when he had whooping cough, it had started him on the road to recovery. (I hate anti-vaxers). You nearly killed our son.


I actually vaguely remember an Agatha Christie where the woman had been murdered because she had passed on rubella, which had caused the woman’s child to die,

When I had travelled I was almost crippled by own my painful neglected feet. I am usually particular about my feet these days. I used a metal file to deal with the worst of it. I had then used a product like this for maintenance! Check with medical professional.

There are still days when I look at the scar on my foot and remember I am fortunate to still have my foot, The surgeon had used to refer to me as Twinkletoes. I was eight years old at the time. He saved my foot.

Washing my son’s feet, helped save his life when he had whooping cough! I have been criticised at times for encouraging the children to walk barefoot round the house but a medical professional has told me it is good for them,

I also used to massage both my children as babies and toddlers.

This seems OK but always follow medical advice and check things out for yourself. Massage takes practice;

Massage helped me recover too, following a serious stint with illness,

I do not however like Reiki.

Watch “Baby Massage is Awesome! Tips & Benefits Discussed” on YouTube

I watched my mother’s hands uncurl as I massaged them. The astonishing thing they had discovered when they Xrayed my father’s hand’s was that he had no cartilage left in his fingers whatsoever. He swore he had not been experiencing pain.

Watch “Healing Hands • Elton John • LYrKKs” on YouTube

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