Toxic people managed to convince one poor woman in the narcissistic abuse Survivor community that she was being watched by her fridge.


I hope that is not happening here as my life has been one long wild sex orgy since my ex left.

We have all given various apps unlimited access to our devices .

As the guy said,

“You have no privacy. Get over it!”

I bet anybody watching me would have demanded a refund by now!

I can’t believe anything like that happened as what sort of cruel sicko could watch what we were being put through and not lift a finger to help.

I would argue that makes those people accessories.

My contempt for observers goes beyond any negative feelings towards my ex.

One person stepped up and was there for us. You are all more dead to me than she is.

We owe her our lives!⁰

Watch “When I needed a neighbour” on YouTube

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