I must be missing something as from where I am sitting, it looks like Don Lemon was bullied from CNN.

Yeah guys don’t scream at people. Lie, bully and manipulate instead. It is so much quieter!

I saw the snide way he was being got at by the women.

Subtly abuse him then fire him for reacting!

They set him up! The women were speaking across him like he wasn’t there.

Maybe he should have just sat there quietly with his hand up.


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Or he could have done what my son did and start singing,

“Smash Mouth – Why Can’t We Be Friends (Official Music Video)”

I know I likely got things wrong as a teacher at times but the first words out of my mouth were usually, Why? I learned that lesson when the head mistress had chided me, instead of asking me why I had done something so out of character and ripped a girl’s skirt,

Sometimes it is simply because some little turd has shoved a thorn under your backside,

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It reminds me of the time this monster sat in wait for this poor woman, brandishing his camera and right on cue this poor woman had appeared yelling and screaming, while he had pulled a mister innocence act!

First push the button,


Then sit back and pull the,

“I don’t know why they are reacting this way card!”

If England had let themselves be provoked by the aggressive New Zealand Haka for example, the rugby match might have had an entirely different result. Instead they had put all that energy into winning the match.


I guess it is a bit like shoving a thorn under somebody’s behind and watching them get told off in assembly for screaming when they sat on it. Differences being that situation had involved ten year olds not grown ass adults!


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Watch “A narcissist will provoke you, to gain a reaction from you.

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We probably all fall for it at least once.


I guess it is a bit like filling somebody’s skip with concrete and then pulling a,

‘See I told you they were irrational”when they are upset!

I did not think it was irrational to reach out to request payment for any excess and I would have processed all my repressed anger into making sure the culprits had paid for the excess, even if I had sent myself broke doing it!

My family had always mocked this aspect of my personality. I am infamous for it. When forced to respond I will fight naked and friendless in the street if I have to!

I watched my former husband’s boss take on a Goliath of a company but people had thought twice about not paying him after that, especially since he had won eventually!

Respond Don’t React

I was taught to count to ten!

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Tip if you don’t want an INFJ to hit you where it hurts, leave them alone,

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For example it would be wrong of me to point out that Little Miss Be Prepared would continually show up without underwear,

Or that Little Miss GET EVERY GUY INTO BED had given a whole house N,S,U.

Or that the other Little Miss Goody Two Shoes had actively pursued a guy who was engaged to a trainee doctor.

As for Mrs Taxman she had kept everybody entertained with her stories about Miss Get Every Guy Into Bed as had Mr Two-faced Gay Guy.

There was also Mr I Hid In My Room All Day on My 21st.

The only sexy accessory that we had all worn back then was cycle clips.

However through all this I had never been left to walk home on my own at night and nor had any of my female friends!

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Yeah but don’t put features on phones you haven’t warned people thoroughly about.

The first time I had got an automated “Help me! I am in trouble.”message from my daughter’s I phone I had been frantic.

Watch “How to send alert message to emergency contacts” on YouTube or how to accidentally prematurely age your mother!

At one stage this was a regular occurrence. I would ring and fortunately discover my daughter was safely ensconced in a lecture.


What happened to guys seeing girls hone safely or as it was in my grandmother’s day a policeman on every corner wishing her goodnight?

Guys used to ensure we were safely inside before driving off,

The best example of looking out for a mate was actually Nicole Atkinson. She had watched Shannan Watts enter the house and then rung the next day to check on her and eventually she had rung the police. She had trapped Chris WATTS.

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Women should be looking out for each other not trying to bring each other down,

Philippines 2 4-14

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