My children’s friends don’t seem to realise I am like a bored teenager

Best fun ever dancing at one of the children’s friend’s parties. Not for our kids though!

If I were writing my own report I might say that I need to be kept away from disruptive influences. I am not sure who’s the bad influence any more,

My grandmother was definitely a disruptive influence. My grandparents had me gambling at cards. My mum is a party animal, who got plastered one Christmas. My Dad had once allowed us to gorge ourselves silly on chocolate.

Thanks Dad.

My grandmother was full of mischief!

My grandfather had obviously been one for the ladies in Argentina.

My brother has always been a handful from the first time he blew up a socket as a toddler.

I think he got a bit tired of hearing,

“Not like your sister are you?”

Yeah he’s got a good job and I spent two decades flushing other people’s poop.

I was always destined to be a problem adult. My parents never taught me to be subservient.

Watch “Upstairs Downstairs trailer” on YouTube

My Great Grandmother swore no child of hers would become a servant, I would imagine she would be very disappointed to see any of us treated as such!


I have hung up my maid’s uniform. Somebody else can use it now,

I prefer to be a servant of God,

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