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Just thought I would make the word my own.

I just didn’t want to wait on my ex hand and foot. I prefer to bake in the sun, Everything comes to he who waits!


I didn’t even bother to study how many times a day I should bow at his feet!


Watch “What a Housewife Must Know (1934)” on YouTube

Goodness me I should have lugged all that concrete into my own skip, How could I have expected my masters to be left with such a burden? I do know at least one of them had issues picking up.

Watch “Hazardous manual handling – Is the work safe? Do I feel safe?” on YouTube

I really hope nobody strained their poor backs, Especially the younger guy,

My neighbour needed to remain fit and virile for all the women queueing at his door!

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Indonesian Women

When I was in Bali (1992] the women there were balancing breeze blocks on their heads, Honestly I should have been right there helping the men!

Watch “Breeze Blocks | 5 Things You Need to Know” on YouTubeI

I know several of the men I met on my travels were upset at the level of prostitution in Bali, The poor Irish guy had complained about being followed around by a woman trying to sell him her body, Honestly buying basic equipment for Indonesis is perhaps a better way v of safeguarding security in the region.

Watch “Indonesian sex workers fall prey to trafficking” on YouTube

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