The University of Sussex has sparked controversy as long as I have known it. I once had aweird interview for a law degree there. The lecturer had sat there playing with blue tac and had expected me to interview myself.

“Blu-Tack” on YouTube

Watch “BLUE TACK SCULPTURE!? – Art Challenge with Sticky Tack!” on YouTube

Yet people continue to act with shock at some of their moves.

It is their thing. It is what they do. I reckon media consider a topic and say to themselves,

“Let’s see what whackiness is going on at the University of Sussex!”

They are not a typical university, yet they are now being portrayed as such in order to paint all universities as a home for left wing extremists,

Their list of alumni is diverse (from both sides of politics) and impressive and includes one of my personal favourites Billy Idol.

Watch “This Singalong 80s #1 HIT Was BANNED at Schools Across America for Obscene Chant | Professor Of Rock” on YouTube

Watch “Mony Mony Billy Idol Lyrics” on YouTube

The only lyrics I find objectionable are all the references to shooting,

We have always loved to hate The University of Sussex.


I also see that well-known left wing radical Brendon Foster,

Watch “A huge thank you to the wonderful Brendan Foster. You will be much missed.” on YouTube

Watch “Tough of The Track, interview with Brendan Foster” on YouTube

To me The University of Sussex is The Sunday Sport of the University world.

Entertaining but don’t take the headlines too seriously!

The Sunday Sport has been making up news for decades


How dare they use their imaginations.

Watch “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy – No Ideas Imagination Theories” on YouTube

I must admit though whenever my son had used the phrase,

“I have an idea,”

we were filled with terror. Recent ideas have included building a water park around my TV and trying to defrost my fridge with a hammer.


Thank you University of Sussex you have been keeping the press busy for decades and have generated some great headlines.

One of their latest storms in a teacup:

They need plenty of beer mats if they are going to learn to boat race, which is what they probably still get up to at Newcastle University,


Watch “Undergraduates at the University of Sussex” on YouTube

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