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I am so usedvto betrayal yhese days, I am really only surprised when people don’t betray me!

As an INFJ once you have betrayed me  it is unlikely I will ever let you back in again. If I am compelled to mix with you I will but there is almost certainly no fixing things. Especially if you turned on me in my hour of need, you have zero chance unless you are young and inexperienced.

As for family members who betray me,  I will no longer consider them family.  I do door slam in stages. Sometimes I can’t even remember why I door slammed but I just know I can’t even bear the thought of any kind of real connection with that person ever again.

I am ok with people door slamming me. If I betray people then I deserve it.

I suspect for most INFJs we are surprised when people are actually loyal!


Warning gory video below but this is how betrayal feels I suspect to many if not all INFJs


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