I don’t see how anybody can survive either as a parent or a teacher, without a sense of humour.

Our neighbours are lucky we had left when we did, as I was considering painting the mailbox purple with orange stripes next.


I think I made myself unpopular by suggesting God has a sense of humour,

Sorry but how else do you explain the platypus. If they die out, nobody will believe they ever existed,

Watch “Weird Animals of Australia: Why Down Under is so Unique” on YouTube

Don’t forget he created Aussies too!

Watch “What did New Zealanders think of Australia in 1961? | RetroFocus” on YouTube

I seem to remember some comment like “We are now entering Australian airspace, prepare to set your clock back fifty years.”

It might have been New Zealand but n it sure fits Australia too.


Watch “The Time Warp – Official (2013 UK Cast of Rocky Horror)” on YouTube

Watch “How scientists recreated Neanderthal man” on YouTube

Watch “The Flintstones (1994) – Aptitude Test Scene (HD)” on YouTube

The exact phrase my ex used to me was “barefoot and pregnant,”

I thought he was Joking.

He wasn’t!

Watch “Barefoot and Pregnant” on YouTube

The physical violence actually got worse now I think of it, when I was pregnant.

He only did the stuff that was publicly visible. I can’t even remember him making me a drink. I never wanted to have an only child so I had let him persuade me to have another child.

It nearly killed me!!

He didn’t let the fact that I was dangerously unwell inconvenience him in any way!

Watch “8 Reasons Why Do Women Stay in Abusive Relationships” on YouTube

That was when he ended our relationship as far as I was concerned. I was ready to leave him then but had bought myself a few books and decided to work on things till the children were older.

Watch “Custody battles and court with a narcissist” on YouTube

Thank you Le_Disco_Mama so much for your courage in speaking up in this way and telling it like it is!

I don’t want yoga. I just want to know I will never have to deal with the a’hole again.

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