Big Yellow Taxi by Joni Mitchell

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I once got into a taxi locally which was driven by somebody from The Rasybeats. We had a good chat.

My father has driven a taxi too but occasionally I have been glad to escape some hair-raising taxi rides!

Initially taxi drivers were suspected in the Claremont Killings.

I was once trapped in a taxi, supposedly going to The Holy Sepulchre, (I had needed to fight to be let out.)

I thought it was a bit sad that there was no unity between the churches in this sacred spot. Many denominations had needed their own little spot.

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I am not keen on this idea given some of the failures of GPS already, Mind you my ex was quite good at getting us stranded in the middle of nowhere too. Still his navigation skills were much better than mine. GPS can be useful but it too has its limitations.

There had been a real scrum for taxis at time. I have let a few taxis go. A woman had pushed her way in front of me once claiming to be disabled. Guilt again. No wonder it doesn’t work any more,

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