Luke 10:38-42 NIV – At the Home of Martha and Marý

I am more like Mary but I appreciate the Marthas of this world. We need both kinds of people. Mary and Martha both love Jesus but they have different love languages,

The 5 Love Languages Summary: Essential Relationship Skills #4

The Five Love Languages || Gary Chapman || Full Audiobook

I am a quality time person. My son has always needed physical affection but he appreciates quality time. He longed for lengthy conversations, I was in the habit of having long conversations with my two after our meals following the marriage breakup. He often wanted it to continue for longer.

We often also chatted over milk and cookies too and doing the clearing up.

When they were on special I would buy him loads of cans of John West Tuna which he ate like I eat chocolate. It was almost like a special gift for him. I had used to love it when my ex bought me chocolate. I would often buy my ex Cherry Ripes but as in all things:

Bananarama & Fun Boy Three – It Ain’t What You Do, It’s The Way That You do it.

Dad would buy mum Jamaica Rum chocolate bars. We would all buy Dad toffees.

My daughter is inclined towards quality time too,

I get the feeling that many males but not all are more inclined towards physical affection.

I was often disinclined towards acts of service for my ex for want of two simple words.

Please & Thank you

My mum is an acts of service person. Dad appeared to love quality time, According to the video I just watched, quality time is a bit of an INFJ thing.

Natalie Cole #4 “Nature Boy”

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