I actually love it when I finally meet somebody who appears to know more than me! I hate that people often look to me and expect me to lead all the time!

It was like The day I had enough of the lads not being able to work out which film to watch. I actually panicked when they had all followed me up and down the escalator. I suspect that is what made me vulnerable to a narcissist. I was secretly desperate not to feel responsible for everything and everybody!

I made that mistake continually. Looking for someone else willing to take lead,v tends to bring toxic people into my life.

Leading is like that day everybody followed me onto the escalator. Power just doesn’t interest me!

All I thought was,

‘Sh#t now what do I do?”

Being offered teaching promotion sent me into a panic!

My ex forced me to have to lead to protect my youngsters. I live in dread of the next time I decide to do dumb stuff and find everyone else following me!


Oh boy could I understand Gideon in the bible, Gideon being reluctant to trust God and just take the lead!

You will never really find me at the front of a conga line (unless it is my class!]

You know the whole: “Don’t follow me, I’m lost too.” thing.

The Conga

FLASHMOB conga line in Trafalgar square

Candidate Conga Line

Even the future Queen had joined in The Conga Line on VE Day!

The Queen danced The Conga.

VE Day: How Great Britain celebrated 75 years ago

The Queen’s VE Day Address

I have a photo in a book of my Mum on VE as a child. I think it is VE day. I will check later.

Dances the Brits do en masse.

The Conga

The Hokey Cokey

Oops Upside Your Head

Oops Upside Your Head

I Don’t Believe You Want To… (Oops Up Side Your Head) By The Gap Band


Come om Eileen

I have been picking up vibes from one guy I used to dance to Come on Eileen with. He also loved Relax. He had cautioned me on taking on the swans too! I know you are out there. He was the boyfriend of my room mate and a devout Christian. One of the many engineers in my life.

The Big Bang Theory | Howard: Engineers Are Just As Smart As Physicists….

They might be smart but I do know they can nearly electrocute themselves and can’t take always put back together the things they take apart. I have spent way too much time in the company of engineers in my life.

The Alan Parsons Project These two definitely look like engineers not pop stars.

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