Mother-in-)aw jokes were a UK staple. I seem to remember Les Dawson saying once,

“I bought the mother-in-law a chair for Christmas. The wife wouldn’t let me plug it in.”

I know it would be very politically incorrect nowadays but it does raise a chuckle.

If I get a chair from any future sons-in-)aws, I will check it thoroughly first,”

My proposal should have alerted me to my ex’s true sentiments. He had written it in a card followed by the immortal words,

” Hey you’re my old woman now,”

Still it could have been worse. He may have burst into song, I will never forget hearing him sing for the first time in an Irish church,

I have sung standing next to him so often now, I don’t have the confidence to sing any more.

First Singing Lesson for Kids- Solfege Lesson 1

My sexy, young piano teacher had perfect pitch. He was just slightly older than me. He was very clever and never did anything untoward but he had %nearly made me want to practice.

Hey maybe I should start singing on my balcony.

Nellie Dean

Failure is not an option for this Opera Singer

I could take my keyboard and guitar outside easily enough and entertain everyone.

Leo Sayer – One Man Band


Of course I am a one woman band.

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