INFJs are accused of being impractical all the time. This is abusive, I have been forced to be totally practical for two decades. This has just about killed my imagination, This to me is the ultimate, aim of the toxic person.

The reason for this is explained by the evil Gmork;

The Neverending Story (7/10) Movie CLIP – Come for Me, G’mork! (1984) HD


Earth, Wind & Fire – Fantasy


The Need For Imagination & Creativity

As the Empress says,

The Nothing is destroying our world!”

Fantasia Original

My Dad would always tell me how Walt Disney was broke and playing the piano one day, when a mouse had run across his keyboard. From that single incident Mickey Mouse was born.

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I have been surrounded by a people almost devoid of imagination and it has nearly killed me!

We won’t wait. We want it all now!

I used to talk to my ex about The Goose Which Laid The Golden Egg,

Instead of being grateful for the single golden egg each day, we have cut the goose open and destroyed everything looking for more. We have cooked our own goose! We have hit The Wall.

To Cook One’s Goose So most of you can all ‘ Get Stuffed!”

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The Lord’s Prayer

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