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I had extensive experience of working within the Islamic dulture, individually I loved those boys almost more than any students I have taught, collectively they had helped bully a female teacher almost to the point of nervous breakdown.

They had tried to do it to me too. They had taken it in turns to misbehave in my lessons and bullied another Moslem boy who had refused to do it, I hated that my Moslem girls could be carted off and forced into marriage any time. I hated that several of my little girls were kept off school at times, to virtually act as servants.

Malala was a victim of tbis attitude, being shot in the head for wanting an education, The father’s of the children were often significantly older than the mothers.

One of my female Moslem students had a wonderful father, He was one of the most caring and involved dads I have had, However many of my girls were clearly expected to know their place,

I have been watching GB News talk about grooming gangs in the UK and to be honest it does not surprise me at all!

The husband of my ex’s cousin has an Indonesian mother and white father. I recall the father coming across as an arrogant bully. My blood had run cold when I had seen my ex’s cousin’s husband start wearing a cravat like his father.

(Generally in many Islamic cultures women accept a subservient role in my personal experience. I had not particularly felt that way about Egypt. Foreign Men often marry women from cultures where women are generally subservient because they are bitter and/or chauvinistic and then often discover they have bitten off more than they can chew!)

The worm will eventually turn.

The Worm Tuns by Disney


He had witnessed his Indonesian mother accepting a subservient role to his father. I was concerned my ex’s cousin’s husband would follow suit! My son unfortunately has also seen me forced into that situation.

Indonesia is a worry. Australia needs to try to seriously combat extremism in Indonesia and ensure any aid is conditional upon the proper treatment of women there in my view. Australia also needs to work hard to improve the attitude here too!

Why Women Are Angry (Part One:) Economic insecurity | 7.30

Women are angry – and rightly so

I see abortion as a dreadful but necessary evil. I would prefer we supported women with proper contraception and adequate finances.I think the horrible reality of abortion may only hit women when they finally do have a child and realise what they lost.

Men are currently staring down the barrel of a benobo society.

Lina (in the show she is from Lebanon) from Crownies first introduced me in Benobo. Benobos are a monkey that has a society totally dominated by females.

What Bonobos Can Teach Us


Aesop’s Fable; Bend or Break

Aesop’s Fable: The Oak and the Reed (Avianus, c. 400 AD) – trans. AFM –

Psalm 37:11

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