When narcs want you ro do something, it frequently has to be done yesterday,

If my ex narc would come up with paperwork for me to sign in a hurry just as they were going out the door, I was automatically suspicious.

If he didn’t want me to think about something, he had made sure to try and get away with creating rush and panic!

Go slows used to be a common form of union protest,

Go-Slow Description


Teachers union threatens to extend go-slow

Work-to-rule I had sometimes used this approach with my ex. See:

Sometimes I chose to do exactly as I am told.

The more somebody tries to bully and harrass me, the slower I get. As I have said before Mr Annoying handled me without even breaking a sweat.


Aesop’s Fables “The Tortoise and the Hare” Short Film

Moral: More haste. Less Speed.

INFJ Secrets: The Art of Moving Slowly Somebody obviously still hasn’t forgiven me for being an hour late on a date!

I guess that makes me oppositional defiant, The more I am bullied I am in general, the more determined I become not to comply. I made a vow to myself to resist bullies at every turn. The only way I co-operate is if I am being treated with kindness and respect, It has meant I have been beaten up but it’s worth it, Gandhi’s Salt March

The March on the Salt Works – Gandhi (1981

I will not be kowtowed. If I am being bullied, I will die rather than submit. However treat me with respect and I am not a problem. If you bully me, you discover my iron will. I will march on bloodied but unbowed. I will not be beaten into submission. I think ir is just my nature. My mum had laughed when my mother-in-law had said,

“Once she digs in her heels, that is it,”

Mum had given me a look as she had told me which said,

‘That’s my girl!”

She has been on the wrong end of it many times but like me once she is pushed too far, you are in trouble. My daughter is the same, so be warned. She walked barefoot to school rather than put her shoes on, It is funny when the two of us lock eyes. I recognise myself in her and want to laugh.

I have often said to her.

“You know that strong will you’ve got. Where do you think you got it from?”

(My mum is at her magnificent best when she digs her heels in too! Honestly best day ever, watching her struggle to get my brother’s mattress out of the upstairs window.) I had also appreciated her grabbing one of my childhood bullies off the bus. He was a little dweeb. I had got into a physical altercation with him in the dinner queue myself once. I don’t think either of us had managed to actually touch each other. I also don’t believe I was the only one he bullied.

(I can’t take one of our Liberal politicians seriously since I heard a description of him as a schoolboy. All I keep seeing in my head is him in a school uniform and shorts.)

Don’t underestimate my daughter’s determination for your own sake. When she sets her mind to something, she generally achieves it!


My mum describes me as easygoing to a point. The past two decades have pushed me well beyond that point. I set out to get my children to the age where they could make their own decisions about where they wanted to live and I was going to achieve that even if it killed me. It darn well nearly has!

I love Jacquie Lambie, She digs her heels in too. She makes most of the male politicians look like wimps.

Winston Churchill – We shall never surrender

I submitted to my ex only to protect my children but now they are old enough to protect themselves, I really don’t give a rats.

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