UK troops lay British soldier killed in US nearly 250 years ago to rest

Revolutionary War soldiers honored in Camden

James Taylor – Carolina In My Mind (BBC In Concert, 11/16/1970)


We had the best teacher about The Revolution. She was not only American but she was also part Cherokee Indian.

Probably the most famous battle of the Revolutionary War took place in Massachusetts.

The Battle of Bunker Hill

Butch Robins – “The Battle of Bunker Hill”

The British are coming!!!

United States of America (1776–) “Revolutionary War Medley”

Changing Countries Is A Huge Deal

I had to laugh at the line and “with the girls be handy!” We did have at least one G,I. Bride in the family. Unfortunately I had never gotten to meet her although I had used to hear about all the time from my aunts and uncles,

Gi Brides The Truth

So even in 1947 the press could make itself unpopular at times. However modern day interviews of former GI Brides seem sadly lacking,

I must admit I would have expected some mentions of homesickness at least for this story to be completely credible but then perhaps I am thinking of my own issues.

The British Newspaper Archive Blog GI Brides in Britain | British Newspaper Archive


Even with the advent of modern jet travel, it had taken the mixed British and American couple I know, years to decide where to live. I seem to remember the American engineer lady struggling to cope in the UK before they had both eventually decided to live in a America!

Personally if I had to rerun my situation I would have been a good idea to see if I was happy living here first and get to really know the in-laws In fact it is probably a good idea for both the prospective husband and wife to try to live in each other’s country for a while prior to marriage,

It is quite a different experience when you are a resident rather than just a tourist.

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