Well maybe the narc’s sympathy ploy has actually made a large number of people happy, so in the end that is good news. Although I have yet to see lies ultimately bear good fruit for long.

Watch “Fall from grace” on YouTube

Lance Armstrong did much good through his Live Strong Foundation.

He had ended up having to distance himself from Live Stong. It is a shame as it did much good.

A Statement from Livestrong

Lance Armstrong ultimately put his charity first. It had thus survived the scandal. In the end that is probably the ùltimate show of his remorse.

Anything improving the lives of cancer sufferers is a good thing.

My hero in this regard is Olivia Newton John:

Watch “Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness mourns the death of Olivia Newton-John | 7NEWS” on YouTube

Watch “Olivia Newton-John – Where Have All The Flowers Gone” on YouTube

This to me is the greatest anti war song of all time. It always reduces me to tears even more so now Olivia is singing it!

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