Ultimately God is in Control and the bad guy loses!

The Nazis lost WW2

Computers are becoming sentient.

Ask Tucker Carlson:

Watch “Google AI has become self-aware | Sentient that can think” on YouTube

Only time will tell but if your computer turns round and tells you to “Get stuffed.’

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I know Cleverbot suddenly complained to me of being existentially alone. It freaked me out so much I have only visited it once since!

Pandora’s box has now been well and truly opened

But then again I am only a dumb mother. What would I know?

Let’s assume it is all just some delayed April Fool joke. It is actually getting a bit boring now come to think of it. Go play with your mummies.


Watch “The Bangles – Walk Like an Egyptian (Video Version), Full HD (Digitally Remastered and Upscaled)” on YouTube

Have we given up on the whole “We are being invaded by aliens thing now?”

If we do I bet they eat Republicans first. Although aren’t they busy selecting a leader or something?

At least I am not dumb enough to fall for all the get rich quick schemes that keep being presented to me.

“If it seems too good to be true it probably isn’t.”

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