Sadly I know that however the attitude to women is in the UK, it is likely ten times worse here, where they are one step away from

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I have had guys refuse to make eye contact with me here and attempt to force their way into my home. I have been stalked for starting a supportive conversation with a guy. I was used to having some Moslem fathers in the UK who were reluctant for cultural reasons to make eye contact but many Australian men are actually worse.

I was shocked to hear that it is alleged that some women appear to have been manhandled by police at a women’s protest following the death of Sarah Everard.

The murder of Sara Everard shook me to my core, She was doomed from the moment Wayne Couzens laid eyes on her, There was absolutely nothing she could have done.

It is a testament to the vast majority of decent policemen and women that Wayne Couzens was caught, What if Wayne Couzens had been higher up the ranks in the police force? What if he had managed to recruit many other police just like him to the police ranks,

This was the situation in NSW for a while.

Police Sting operations can go wrong sometimes.

It had started with well- intentioned if slightly foolhardy scheme to catch drug dealers by posing as drug dealers. However for a while somewhat hilariously the police force in NSW had become that state’s biggest drug dealers!

Other states have had issues too. Christine Nixon made a good attempt to clean up the police force in Victoria. She had been attacked on all sides,

Christine Nixon Fighting For Change and Being Held Back but then women are expected to know their place here. If they get too far they will hit a difficult and dangerous glass ceiling, held up by misogyny from both men and other women,

Knowing Our Place


There’s A Place (Remastered 2009)

Day after day Julia Gillard was pounded.

I happen to see her as the political leader with the fewest ego issues. This was why she was able to successfully manage a coalition government, I realise now it was likely that Margaret Thatcher too was unfairly pilloried in the UK press. I think her extremely posh accent had not helped mind you, It is not your typical Lincolnshire accent, Edward Heath had a snooty accent too, A posh accent is no longer an asset,

“The Rain in Spain” – Rex Harrison, Wilfrid Hyde-White and Audrey Hepburn

The most successful female leader ever was Queen Elizabeth II in my view. Like her forebear Queen Elizabeth I she was clever. Queen Elizabeth was not openly threatening to the male hierarchy, She had at times allowed the patronising behaviour but still managed to cut people down to size when necessary.

Julia Gillard’s patience was amazing but I couldn’t help feeling that if she had given her misogyny speech sooner, she would have been unstoppable.

If I had made my own little speech over the back fence a little earlier my own life may also have been a little easier. It is incredibly wearing to have people confident enough to openly disparage you. I know we are meant to turn the other cheek but these days this particular lady is also “not for turning, “

Here Julia Gillard teams with Christine Nixon.

(I used to get told off for referring to women as she.)

Who’s she? The cat’s mother,”

Let’s face it. Somewhere the world has veered off course, I would love to hear what his female colleagues had made of Wayne Couzens. I suspect he was obviously toxic but male backslapping had kept his negative behaviour under wraps.

Women’s Organisations Condemn Shameful Police Mysogyny

If he had been booted out of the police force sooner Sarah Everard would still be alive and the police force would not be struggling to recover its reputation.

It is long overdue that people remembered men and women are meant to be a team. The enemy is the toxic people we have allowed to divide us – not each other.

Fighting misogyny and misandry benefits everyone.

If anything I probably lean more towards misogyny than misandry. I have always liked men. It took me a long time to get good female friends. Men have always accepted me. I usually just join in with whatever they are doing.

I hated men after every break up for a while but until my ex, I had always enjoyed their company, A girl’s best friend should also be her Dad, (I was going to link to Billy & Alexa Ray Joel again but I have no idea why a woman would want to sing the male anger-processing song,Big Shot.)

Here instead is Alexa Ray talking about ;

Just The Way You Are

Just The Way You Are – Alexa Ray Joel @ Katie

Christie Brinkley talks daughter Alexa Ray Joel

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