Never did I imagine I would experience racism and discrimination but I have, as a Brit in Australia. They do all manner of petty things,

I realised it wasn’t just me when my son had complained that he had seen another Brit being psychologically abused when a file had been moved trays, My son had been confused by this.

BTW they whinge about Americans all the time too. I can only imagine what it is like to be black or Asian. I find I am defending America all the time.

If my brief experience in a wheelchair is anything to go by, they are not particularly nice to disabled people either but God help you if you mention any of this.

One of the best characteristics of we Poms is our ability to laugh at ourselves 😂

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The Italian leg of my journey home was fine but the minute I hit Melbourne, I was treated abominably and so were the other people in wheelchairs. As a normally able-bodied person I had felt it was my duty to speak up and this b’ made up stuff and called security, Fortunately they had taken no notice of her and I was rescued by a member of the airline crew who had pushed me through.

It is all probably great though as long as you are a straight, white (Non-British,) able bodied male, The Italians when I had left Italy could not have been more helpful and yet they are the ones now considered to be turning fascist,

As my mum would say,

“Truth hurts!”

When it comes to resisting racism etc, I would give a ‘D’ for effort. The typical all Australian hero is encapsulated by this guy: Sam Newman’s most controversial moments

In many ways this guy is also not that far off the mark once you scratch beneath the surface, particularly of older Aussies.

Sir Les Patterson at the Clive Anderson Show (1995-06-10)

Fortunately things like drink-driving are no longer socially acceptable. My in-laws were perfectly happy to allow their accountant to drink like a fish all day and then let him drive away back in 1996. Remember the daughter of my mum’s friend was killed by a drunk driver.

Don’t Drink & Drive

Also remember this from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. I find gay people understandably more angry than they were back in the UK.

My policy here has been, if you are going to attack me, I am going to give you a reason to do it.


Brody Dalle – Don’t Mess With Me

I have really tried to live by,

Ask not what your country can do for you…

but the last straw has well and truly broken this particular camel’s back. We all know how I feel about camels.


Don’t even bother speaking to me if you believed his lies about me and money!

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