parents did warn me that mute swans can break a leg!

How Dangerous Are Swans?

I did only ever decide to have only one showdown with the swans. I was like how much damage can a bird do?

As we know in Australia BIRDS CAN KILL!!

Nowadays though I have faced psychopaths. They make swans look like chicken feed.

I have already had close encounters with roosters. It must run in the family. Mum pulled a Feather from a roosters taik as a toddler to give to her mother to put it in her hat. BTW my daughter would probably stare down a rooster too. So would my friend. I watched two of my friends stare down a very cocky rooster too! The downfall of roosters is definitely their pride. It probably puts them on quite a few dinner tables instead of allowing them the opportunity to enjoy the company of some pretty hens in a garden. In fact most roosters do not even make it past the chick stage.

This is HORRIBLE. (Mum was a country girl and well used to wringing a chicken’s neck for tea.)

I watched a horrible video of male chicks being gassed on You.Tube. Please feel free to research it for yourself I have no desire to watch it again.

I do know how to flip the bird though!


Leviticus 11:18

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